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The Massachusetts Society for Medical Research, Inc. (MSMR) was founded in 1953.

Our Mission:
We promote and enhance biomedical research, including the humane care and use of animals, for the improved health and well-being of people, animals and the environment.

In furtherance of our mission, we foster a better understanding of biomedicine by improving basic science literacy in and enthusiasm for the biological and health sciences among the public, the media and future generations of citizens and scientists.

Our members are organizations – research hospitals and institutes, universities, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and companies and foundations interested in medical and biomedical research.

We support the 3Rs of animal use in biomedical research: Reduce the number of animals to the lowest possible number - Replace animals with validated alternatives where possible - Refine the work, so that animals experience as little stress as possible. Responsible researchers everywhere know that good science depends upon good treatment of research animals.

We also support a strong Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), and among our member services are professional development workshops that focus on IACUCs and their responsibilities.

Our services to members include:
  • Alerts
  • Alliances
  • Educational Outreach and Outreach Training
  • Assistance with IACUC Non-Affiliated Member Placement
  • In-House Education and Training on a variety of topics customized to the member institution
  • Legislative Tracking
  • Media Outreach
  • MSMR UPDATE, a monthly e-mail newsletter
  • Professional Development Workshops on current and emerging issues
  • Individualized Consulting Services

To learn more about our member services, click here to see our Member Services Brochure.

To request information about becoming a member of MSMR, click here. Please be sure to include your telephone number in your request.

To read MSMR's Letters to Editors on topics of importance to our members, click here.


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