What A Year! for middle and high school students and teachers

What A Year! explains a biomedical research breakthrough each month of the school year and gives some information about the people behind it. You can learn what’s going on in your scientific back yard, and to dig a lot deeper if you want.

Right now, someone is announcing a new insight or a new discovery that could have a huge impact on all of us. Guaranteed.

The news doesn’t always make it onto TV or newspapers. Even finding it on the Internet is hard sometimes. And then it’s presented for the benefit of other scientists, not students in middle and high school.

The mission of  What A Year! is to bring you great news in biomedical research in a way that you can appreciate and understand.

Each month we’ll put a new story here. What kind? Something that opens a whole new window on human or animal life. Or, something that might, after more research and development, lead to a cure for an illness, or a new way to treat a medical condition.

Check it out.

Winners of the 26th Annual MSMR Student Competition

At the MSMR Annual Meeting of Members on June 23rd, the following high school students were announced as the winners of the 2017 Student Competition. Each student who entered the Competition was asked to learn about a recent biomedical research discovery and report on at in the role of a reporter for the What A Year! website, taking advantage of the specific opportunities offered by either a website, poster or essay submission. This year’s winners are:

Position Student School Project
First Place Yaneliz Garcia Ruiz Salem High School (NH) Website: Is your unborn baby at risk?
Second Place Hannah Deane Norfolk County Agricultural High School Poster: MircoRNA-101a in Zebrafish and How it Effects CM Growth and Heart Regeneration
Third Place – Tie Madison Pickering Norfolk County Agricultural High School Poster: Bioengineering Myocardium for Hearts
Third Place – Tie Zachary Sclar The Bromfield School Essay: Electronic Aspirin-A Promising Cure for Headaches
Honorable Mention Vanessa Imbaro Norfolk County Agricultural High School Poster: Naturally Occurring Hormone May Be Used to Treat Metabolic Disorders and Obesity
Honorable Mention Jocelyn Koelb Home School Essay: A Real Breakthrough for Restoring Memory
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